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Monday, October 14, 2019

Why do some foreigners come to Pattaya and lose their minds?

An anonymous guest submission. What is it that makes Foreigners come to Thailand and lose their minds? Is...

Pattaya’s Infamous Mc Calm Spotted in Various Locations

Many of our readers probably know Pattaya's Michael Mc Calm a long running bar manager who has worked at many different locations in the...

The story of the Batman Disco on Soi Batman with pictures

User Submission from Mr. Justin Hope, all photos are is and reused with permission. Have you heard of the Batman Disco? It has fascinated tourists and Pattaya...

The abandoned and “haunted” mansions of Bangkok

Did you know.... Rising from a moist field on a patch of land just outside of Bangkok, five blotched concrete mini-mansions have sat abandoned for...

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