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Tuesday, September 17, 2019


Thailand Rob gets attacked by Soi Dogs, shows a good place to eat

This week Thailand Rob shows what happens when Soi Dogs went after him while walking to a favorite restaurant.

Chinese Moon Festival to be held September 13th in Pattaya

Pattaya – The Chinese moon festival will be held on September 13 at Bann Sukhawadee on Sukhimwit Road and...

Pattaya holds Dolphin run for Charity in Jomtien-Photo Gallery

Pattaya held the Loma, Thai for dolphin, run for charity on Jomtien Beach this morning, September 8, 2019. Hundreds...

pattaya tips and tricks

A tour of Tukcom electronic mall and how to sign up for a SIM card and data plan in Pattaya

This video gives a good tour of the popular electronic shopping mall Tukcom, as well as explains how to sign up for a sim...

How to renew your motorbike tax in Pattaya

By: Kim Waddoup How to renew the Tax on your motorbike If you own a Motorbike in Thailand, you are required to renew the Registration or...

Religious Holidays upcoming on July 16th and 17th, Booze Ban incoming

Planning on coming to Thailand or Pattaya on vacation mid-month and hoping to get your drink and party on Tuesday and Wednesday the 16th...

A handy guide to the ten most popular Thai desserts

Enjoy Thai desserts? Here is a very handy list for you on your next trip.

A guide to the weather in Thailand by month

Use Bangkok as a reference for weather here in pattaya.

Overall Tourist map for pattaya!

Here is a nice overall view of the city!

Pattaya Pariah Returns-An Interesting look at Pattaya


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